5 Signs That You Need Dentures

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Millions of individuals across Canada have dentures. This number in recent years, moreover, has been growing. As this number grows, so too do the amount of individuals who do not know whether they need dentures or not. This article provides five major signs that you need dentures. If any of these signs apply to you, and you are looking for dentures in Vancouver, go to the experienced periodontists in Vancouver, Advanced Dental Specialists.

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5 Signs That You Need Dentures in Vancouver

The following signs that you need dentures often occur contemporaneously in a patient, which means that if you have one sign, you will likely have others as well. If any of these show up, you may be a good candidate for dentures in Vancouver.

The first major sign that you may need dentures is that you notice that your teeth have been shifting over a period of time. Generally, people will begin noticing that the teeth are shifting when gaps begin to form in between the teeth. This is often due to gum disease, which needs to be treated immediately and can result in dentures.

Gum disease may also lead to the second sign: swollen and darker red gums. It is little wonder that many individuals who have gum disease get dentures: gum disease is the major reason that over 70% of people lose their teeth. Gum disease can cause swelling and painful gums.

A third sign that you may need dentures is that you have a toothache. While toothaches can mean a variety of things, if it is coupled with swollen gums, this could mean that the tooth and gums are infected. A procedure will need to be done that often removes much of the tooth, resulting in the need for dentures as well.

The fourth, and most obvious sign, is that you are already missing teeth. Teeth that have become infected and fall out are often left untreated, which leads to the need for dentures.

Finally, the fifth reason, and the reason that you need to go immediately to the experienced periodontists at Advanced Dental Specialists, is that you do not visit the dentist at least twice a year. Poor oral health can result from a lack of checkups, and over time that could cause the teeth to decay, leading to the need for dentures.

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