Getting Rid of Yellow Teeth: How To Whiten Your Teeth Successfully

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You don’t have to live with yellow teeth forever, and at Advanced Dental Specialists there are several whitening solutions to fit anyone’s schedule, from take-home kits to in-office whitening sessions you are sure to have a brighter whiter smile!

There are many things that can cause yellowing but it doesn’t have to stay that way seek out a dentist for whitening assistance today!

Why Are My Teeth Yellow?

No one wants to have yellow teeth, but it happens to many of us for a variety of reasons. There are tons of factors that affect your teeth color such as the food you eat, smoking, having poor hygiene, the medicine you take, illness, and the amount of fluoride in your area’s water.

Although you may not be able to stop your teeth from yellowing over time there are dentistry solutions that can assist you in having the perfect white teeth. Set up an appointment at an Advanced Dental Specialists near you to get the teeth you’ve always wanted!

How To Whiten Your Teeth

Dentists have been successfully whitening people’s teeth for years, the most common way this can be done is through using a mouth guard. You want to be careful to only use mouth guards specifically designed for your teeth as store bought guards can harm your teeth and become a safety hazard.

Store bought guards don’t match your teeth flawlessly so they can shift in your sleep, even choking you, so set up an appointment to get the proper mouth guard you need to protect your teeth from further damage. A dentist grade guard will be designed from a mouth mold so it fits seamlessly.

These professional mouth guards are available in a variety of types and if requested you can get a mouth guard for both your top and bottom teeth; having two guards can help if you are wearing them for sports and impact damage.

The perfect fit also seals whitening gel in place so it doesn’t leak out while you are wearing it and not effectively work.

Types Of Teeth Whitening

Getting your teeth whitened doesn’t have to mean going to the dentist constantly. The office at Advanced Dental Specialists offers a take-home professional grade kit so you can do it yourself. These great convenient kits come with a lower and upper mouth guards and bleaching gel. Your dentist will be sure to show you how to use the kit before sending you off with extra instructions for maximum whitening results.

If you don’t want to have to take care of the whitening personally, your dentist is more than happy to assist you with dental visits. Depending on the severity you may have to come in for several sessions, where the bleach is placed on your teeth and reacts to a special light for extreme whitening.

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