Gum Disease: The Health Risks

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Gum disease affects half of the population of the United States, yet awareness and the health risks associated with gum disease aren’t spoken of enough. It’s not just a “good idea” to regularly visit your dentist for gum maintenance; it could be a serious investment in your overall health. Your periodontist in Vancouver explains the health risks immediately associated with gum disease.

Correlation to Heart Disease

Over the years, numerous medical studies have concluded that your gums (as well as the walls of your mouth) absorb bacteria and suffer from inflammation as a direct result of gum disease. A bit of inflammation may not sound so bad, but consider this: your gums are like a wall, and inflammation is a breach.

Connections to Oral Cancer

Gum disease has a direct relation to oral cancer, according to the NCBI. While the chances have yet to be fully calculated or proven, the risk is real. Regardless of how it initially hits your system, cancer is cancer, and will wreak havoc on your body all the same.

Additional Risk Factors & Preventative Care

Gum disease has been linked to stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, control of diabetes symptoms, and heart attacks. Preventative maintenance with regular checkups, as well as following a thorough brushing, flossing and alcohol-free mouthwash routine can repair your gums, and maintain their integrity from here forward.

You Cannot Reverse Receded Gums

If gum disease has forced your gums to recede, you will not be able to regain or regenerate gum tissue. Stopping gum disease in its tracks is the only way to halt gum tissue loss, and maintaining your oral health is the only measure you can take to ensure it never happens again.

Periodontist in Vancouver

Your oral health is something that can’t wait. Nobody wants to be stuck with the unfortunate side effects of gum disease; take a moment to invest in your health. For the best periodontist in Vancouver office, call, email us or drop by our office today. We’re always ready to assist you and answer any questions you may have. Together, we’re decreasing the number of gum disease cases in Vancouver, WA one patient at a time.

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