Keep Your Teeth Healthy This Holiday Season

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Worried About Your Teeth This Festive Season? These Holiday Oral Care Tips Are Just for You

The holiday season is finally here. Thanksgiving and Christmas bring about many festivities, and it also brings about a whole variety of foods that can affect your oral health.

The dentists at Advanced Dental Specialists know that amid the binge-eating, temptation-eating, and impulsive-eating, remembering that you have to take care of your teeth is of vital importance. Remember that the Dental Holidays 2019 will be over before you know it. The effects of ignoring holiday oral care will last for months. More often than not, it will be in the painful form of a toothache, cavities, sensitivity, and even infections.

Here are a few holiday teeth tips to make sure that you sport healthy teeth even after the holidays. Following them will make sure that you are observing optimal dental care in Clark County, WA – even in the face of unhealthy foods.

Keep Your Teeth Healthy During Thanksgiving and Christmas

The last two big dental holidays 2019 has to offer are finally here. But what does this mean for your teeth?

Quite likely, not positive news, as far as we are concerned.

Taking care of your teeth can be difficult when you are traveling or hosting several guests under your roof. Throw in the hustle and bustle of the holidays, and you have a recipe for distraction.

That’s why holiday oral care is often more difficult to practice during Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can still practice discipline, adhere to a routine, and ensure to eat healthily. Thankfully, practicing great habits is not possible to implement in all seasons.

Along with dental hygiene, the key here is to define your boundaries with food and make sure that you stick to them.

Foods to Avoid This Holiday Season

While avoiding these foods can be difficult, identifying them is not.

As a part of crucial holiday teeth tips, try to avoid these foods at all costs. Remember that if you do choose to consume these foods, ensure to clean your teeth immediately to minimize their adverse side effects.

  • Hard or sticky candy. It can stick to your teeth and cause problems such as cavities or infections.
  • Alcohol. It can dry out your mouth and make it prone to infections.
  • Soda. It is high in sugar content and can cause harmful bacteria to form against your teeth. This, too, can lead to cavities, infections, and toothache.
  • Eggnog. It’s high in sugar and alcohol, which can weaken your teeth and dry out your gums. Too much eggnog can be detrimental to your oral health.
  • Breads and Cakes. Starchy foods can get stuck to your teeth and can harbor bad bacteria. If you do not practice oral hygiene, these food particles can cause big problems for your teeth.

Don’t Forget Regular Cleaning

The most crucial part of holiday oral care is practicing oral hygiene. As long as you brush twice a day, floss regularly, and use a dentist-recommended mouthwash, you can steer clear of what the festive dental holidays 2019 have to offer.

To make sure that you aren’t harboring any bacterial infections, schedule a checkup with your dentist at Advanced Dental Specialists in Clark County, WA. Consulting with a dentist at Advanced Dental Specialists before the holidays can be an excellent time to check if your oral health is in optimal shape.

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