Periodontal Health

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periodontal healthThe area around your teeth, including your soft tissue and jawbone, is referred to as the periodontal region. The health of this part of your mouth directly impacts the health of your teeth. Maintaining good periodontal health will help you keep your natural teeth, and it promotes good overall health and well-being.

Why Periodontal Health Is Important

Periodontal tissues supply your teeth with nutrients and keep them in their proper positions in your mouth. When your gum tissue becomes inflamed, your teeth can also loosen. If the early stages of periodontal disease are not treated, your gums, jawbone and teeth may sustain major damage. Although the deterioration may be reversed in the early stages, untreated periodontal problems can result in tooth loss.

Symptoms of Periodontal Problems

The early symptoms of periodontal problems include inflamed gums that look red instead of the usual healthy pink color. Your gums might bleed when you brush or floss. If left untreated, these symptoms may worsen into persistent bad breath, receding gums and the shifting of your teeth. Continued progression of periodontal disease may cause you to lose gum tissue and bone, resulting in your teeth falling out.

Maintaining Good Periodontal Health

You can take action to keep your gums, jawbone and teeth healthy by brushing at least twice every day for two minutes each time. Be sure to floss once a day and consider using an antiseptic mouth rinse to get rid of the bacteria that cause gum disease. Visit your dentist at least every six months for a professional cleaning and oral exam. If signs of periodontal disease are discovered, more frequent cleanings may be needed in order to reverse the damage.

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