When to See a Periodontist in Vancouver, WA

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Has it been awhile since you’ve visited the dentist? It’s understandable- after all, sometimes life gets in the way and it can be difficult to schedule and keep dental appointments for regular checkups and cleanings. However, this may result in issues with your gums, and you may find yourself experiencing symptoms of periodontal disease. If you think you may be exhibiting these signs of gum disease, it may be time to visit a periodontist in Vancouver, WA.

When It’s Time to Schedule a Visit with a Periodontist in Vancouver, WA

It can be difficult to know when you need a dentist or a periodontist in Vancouver, WA. These are some of the most common issues that people report when they seek our periodontal services in Vancouver, WA.

Pink Toothbrush

 When you brush your teeth, do the bristles of your toothbrush turn pink? This may be because your gums are bleeding when you brush, which is a major red flag of gum disease. While there may be other causes of bleeding gums, it is a good idea to get checked out by a periodontist if you are noticing a little “pink in the sink.”

Hangin’ Loose

Do your teeth feel loose when you apply pressure to them? If so, make an appointment with a periodontist without delay. Permanent teeth should not be feeling loose when you touch them, or when you bite into a crunchy food. This could be an indicator that your gums are not tightly gripping the roots of the tooth as they should, which can indicate periodontal disease.

In the Red

Have you noticed lately that your gums look red when you smile in the mirror or in pictures? This can be a symptom of gum disease, and should be checked out immediately by a periodontist. Bright red gums are often accompanied by swelling, which is also a cause for concern, so be sure to schedule a visit with your periodontist if you notice either of these symptoms of gum disease.

Contact Advanced Dental Specialists for a Periodontist in Vancouver, WA

If you are able to spot potential issues with your gums and visit a periodontist as soon as possible, there is a good chance that your gum disease can be effectively treated before any major problems start. Dr. Sonnes and the team at Advanced Dental Specialists can help! We specialize in periodontal treatment for patients in and around Vancouver, WA. Let our staff of caring dental professionals assess and treat your gum concerns so you can be sure you will be able to keep your teeth for life!

Call Advanced Dental Specialists today at 360-253-9792 to schedule your periodontal consultation.


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