The Best Mouthwash for Gingivitis and Gum Disease

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Poor dental health can lead to a variety of painful problems. One issue that could arise is gingivitis. Let’s look at the specifics of gingivitis and which mouthwashes can help treat it.

What is Gingivitis?

Gingivitis is a type of gum disease involving inflammation of the gums. It occurs when food and plaque get trapped in a space called the sulcus and cause an infection. This infection could cause:

  • Red, swollen gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Separation of the gums from the teeth, which could result in injury to soft tissue and bone
  • Misalignment of the teeth called malocclusion
  • Pus between teeth and gums
  • Pain or sensitivity
  • Periodontitis
  • Eventual tooth loss

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Which Mouthwash is Best for You?

Antiseptic mouthwashes containing chlorine dioxide are best to fight gingivitis. Some use alcohol to kill the bacteria, but alcohol can dry out the oral cavity. Opt for alcohol-free rinses instead. Also look for products that use zinc to fight bacteria instead of fluoride. Zinc is an important mineral to include in your daily diet, but fluoride is a harsh chemical that you should limit.


Other Tools That Help Fight Gum Disease

The most important thing you can do to prevent and fight gingivitis and other types of gum disease is to brush, floss, and rinse every day. There are also other tools you can add to increase your chances of success. These include:

  • Oral Irrigators: Those who hate using dental floss can use a water jet or water pick instead. These products use water pressure to eliminate plaque buildup.
  • Advanced Electric Toothbrushes: Only premium electric toothbrushes can reach bacteria below the gum line – which is the point of using an electric toothbrush in the first place.
  • Specialized Toothpaste: Advanced care and enamel protection toothpaste can help to fight gum diseases.


The Best Way to Avoid Gingivitis and Gum Disease

By far, it is better to prevent gingivitis from happening in the first place than to treat it after it has appeared. And the best way to prevent gingivitis is to be proactive about your dental health. Visiting a dentist regularly will keep you on top of your periodontal health and help to spot early warning signs of gingivitis before it becomes a problem. Come see us in Vancouver, WA, we offer courtesy exams, giving you another reason to schedule an appointment today.

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