The Importance of Oral Health

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Despite what people might think, dentistry isn’t just about teeth, and there are many specialized forms of dentistry that can help you maintain overall oral health. One of these specialized forms is periodontics. This is a field that deals with the problems related to the gums. Many people don’t realize just how important your gums are in relation to your teeth, instead choosing just to focus on their pearly whites. If your gums are diseased, you could run into some real issues. If you believe you have periodontal disease, you should get in contact with a periodontist in Vancouver.

What a Periodontist in Vancouver Can Do

With almost half of Americans having some form of periodontal disease, it’s a problem. It’s often ignored but shouldn’t be. If you ignore gum disease, you could end up with bone loss and infection. Loose teeth, difficulty chewing, sensitivity, and bleeding can all result from periodontal disease, all of which are unpleasant. You can avoid all of this extra pain and hassle by nipping it in the bud and heading to the periodontist for help at the first signs of gum disease. There are many things that can be done to treat periodontal disease, and of course, although it starts with you and your own personal dental hygiene practices, periodontists are here to bridge the gap and help your gums heal.

Periodontists can start with anything from noninvasive treatments to get rid of tartar and plaque, which cause cavities and gingivitis, which is the early stages of full-blown gum disease. They clean the teeth and below the gum line in this type of treatment, using dental tools and equipment. You can also be prescribed medication to control the bacteria in your mouth so that your issues don’t get worse. With your teeth thoroughly cleaned of tartar and plaque, and medication to keep bacteria and the possibility of infection in check, you’ll be on your way to healthy gums in no time. Healthy gums provide a foundation for healthy teeth and a healthy smile, which make all the difference in first impressions and your confidence.

Need a periodontist in Vancouver? Give us a call to get more information on our periodontal services. We can help answer any questions or concerns you may have about your gum health. Our trained team is ready to work with you and your dentist to return your gums to health!

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