Why Use Sedation Dentistry?

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Are you afraid of the dentist? It’s OK- you can admit it! Experiencing anxiety in the dentist’s chair is nothing out of the ordinary- in fact, many adults report feelings of stress and fear when visiting the dentist even for a simple, routine exam. If your apprehension has been holding you back from making it to the dentist’s office for regular checkups or highly necessary dental work, now may be the time to explore sedation dentistry. Advanced Dental Specialists is here for our Vancouver, WA- area residents who are looking for a calming, relaxing way to mitigate their feelings of anxiety for a more pleasant dental experience.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

As its name implies, minimal sedation dentistry uses light sedation, typically with nitrous oxide, to ease patients’ anxiety and help them remain calm throughout the course of their dental procedure. Nitrous oxide, also commonly referred to as “laughing gas,” is a sweet-smelling, FDA-approved treatment that can keep you feeling relaxed during anything from a routine exam to more involved dental work, such as a filling or cosmetic dentistry procedure. Best of all, patients who have been mildly sedated with nitrous oxide are able to drive themselves home once their visit is complete, so you don’t have to worry about scheduling a friend or family member to come with you!

If you require more than minimal sedation, Advanced Dental Specialists also offer moderate sedation delivered through an IV. This form of sedation dentistry is generally reserved for patients undergoing more involved procedures such as extractions, root canals or wisdom teeth removal. If you receive moderate sedation, you will need a friend or relative to accompany you and drive you home from your procedure. Moderate IV sedation usually makes patients sleep for the duration of the dental work- in fact, you’ll likely wake up not even being able to remember the majority of your visit! Ask your friendly Advanced Dental Specialists team member about moderate sedation options using an IV or medication.

If neither mild nor moderate sedation dentistry is going to cut it for you, the team at Advanced Dental Specialists can pull out the big guns with general anesthesia. This sedation is similar to moderate sedation administered with an IV, but is deeper and requires the use of advanced monitoring equipment to keep an eye on your heart rate and other vitals. General anesthesia is administered by a licensed dental anesthesiologist and can be used for anything from fillings to extractions and other more involved procedures, though it can be administered even for the most basic dental exams if your level of anxiety makes it necessary.

Advanced Dental Specialists want to make Vancouver, WA residents smile! We understand that visiting the dentist may not be the most relaxing thing in the world, and we make it our mission to help patients with mild, moderate or severe dental anxiety as calm and relaxed as possible. Your dental health is important, and we want to help you take care of your teeth by offering sedation dentistry services so you can visit the dentist without fear. Call Advanced Dental Specialists today at 360-253-9792 to discuss your sedation dentistry options with a caring professional. We want to help keep you smiling!

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