Wisdom Teeth Removal in Vancouver, WA

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Are you seeking wisdom teeth removal in Vancouver, WA? We can help! Advanced Dental Specialists can remove wisdom teeth quickly and painlessly.

About Wisdom Teeth Removal

What’s the point of wisdom teeth? Though anthropologists believe that they were once essential for chewing the coarse roots, leaves and nuts that were the staples of our early ancestors’ diets, this third set of molars is largely unnecessary today, and can be a downright nuisance. Wisdom teeth tend to erupt in your late teens or early twenties and can cause crowding, jaw pain and breakage of your neighboring molars. Most dentists recommend having your wisdom teeth removed if they are causing problems, or or even having them preemptively extracted if X-rays show that they are going to be the source of future dental issues.

Do I Need to Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Not necessarily. At a routine dental checkup, your dentist can use X-rays to assess the status of your wisdom teeth and let you know if they need to be extracted. Some people have adequate space to accommodate wisdom teeth with no problems, and some people’s wisdom teeth never come in at all! However, if your dentist recommends wisdom tooth removal to prevent future issues, or to solve any problems you’re already experiencing, it’s best to get it done as soon as possible.

Does Wisdom Tooth Removal Hurt?

Though you will be sedated during the wisdom tooth removal process and be unlikely to feel a thing, you will experience some discomfort post-surgery. If you follow your post-op instructions that your dentist gives you before you leave, you will be able to heal quickly, with minimal pain. Using ice packs to minimize swelling, sticking to liquids and soft foods in the days following surgery, and making sure to keep the sites of your wisdom tooth removal clean and free of infection-causing food particles will help your recovery process go more smoothly. You may use painkillers prescribed by your dentist, or stick with NSAIDs like ibuprofen to alleviate any pain as you heal.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Vancouver, WA

Advanced Dental Specialists are here to help you through the wisdom tooth removal process. We can answer any questions you may have about the wisdom tooth removal procedure before, during and after your surgery. Our team of dedicated dental professionals has performed countless wisdom tooth removal surgeries, and has the level of experience, compassion and knowledge that you want when looking for a dental practice for wisdom tooth removal.

Contact Advanced Dental Specialists today at 360-253-9792 to schedule a wisdom tooth removal consultation with Dr. Sonnes and the rest of the team. Wisdom tooth removal is a necessary evil, but with Advanced Dental Specialists in your corner, you can have the most pleasant and stress-free experience possible. Call today!

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